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Under the Sun: Ecclesiastes & the Expositor's Bible Commentary

A discussion of Ecclesiastes using the Expositor's Bible Commentary as a reference

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Studying Matthew with the Church Fathers

An in depth study of the Gospel of Matthew based on Aquinas' Catena Aurea

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Augustine's City of God

An Ongoing Study of Augustine's City of God.

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Pray, Praise & Ponder

a place for your personal expressions of praise, poetry & inspirational meditation.

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Book of Acts Study Group

A weekly conversation and reflection on the Book of Pslams

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Book of Psalms Study Group

A weekly conversation and reflection on a selected Psalm

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Study on Genesis

Study on Genesis

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The Minor Prophets

A study on the Minor Prophets of the Old Testament

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Volunteers for Proofreading, Book Preparation, Translators, and Audio Books

Group for training and encouraging the Volunteer CCEL Proofreaders, Book Preparers, Translators, Biographers and Updaters

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Christian Mysticism: A study on Practical Applications

A study of Christian Mysticism

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