Is the "woman caught in adultery" story canonical?

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I'm sure some or many have noticed the notation in the ESV version on John 7:53-8:11 which covers the woman caught in adultery. This section is taught on very often in the circles I travel in but I am unsure what to make of the ESV's note. If you do not have that version the note says: "The earliest manuscripts do not include John 7:53–8:11," and "Some manuscripts do not include 7:53–8:11; others add the passage here or after 7:36 or after 21:25 or after Luke 21:38, with variations in the text." Would anyone have any knowledge on this?

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RE: How many have 'addressed' it?

Brother Doug,

OK, I did look at your forum title page:

As I look at what you placed as "the title" to your post: ..."I don't know what can be done about the world,... tells me you have no idea what you want to say.

Who would want to answer a half question. Where is the full question about a better Bible? I don't see it anywhere.

Where is the question about The New World Translation as a better Bible?

If you are a Teacher and see something worthwhile to say, then make your statement simple and easy to read.

Say something that will catch someones eyes but is easy to understand what you are trying to represent with your title and opening statement.

I'm not the least bit move to say anything to you with what you have placed as your opening statement.

Speaking and writing have some things in common, they are about presenting your ideas and views to those who are drawn by your title and the brief statement that follows.

Or, if it is about The Trinity, then say that statement up front in how it relates to us as Christians. This information is as you say, takes a 5th grade learning skills at the least.

Keep on trying till you get it right, but do try to use your own forum topic instead of taking the discussion off topic as you seem to be doing on other discussions in the forum.