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This is the "keep it simple" version of the "Soteriology - The Thread" thread.

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Once saved, always saved.
Submitted by bcpowell on Sat, 2007-07-21 19:34.
The doctrine of eternal salvation and "once saved, always saved" is too deep and extensive for this forum. However, allow me to share some verses, thoughts and then exhort you to search the scriptures, seek the Lord's leading and peace. Just so you know I am not a Calvinist or any 'ist', simply a converted sinner who by the grace and mercy of God is a disciple of the Lord God Jesus Christ.
Try starting with the gospel of John. The central verses are 10:28 & 29. Seek an answer to this: Did you, can you do ANYTHING to earn eternal life? If one can't do anything to 'earn' salvation, then how can one do anything to lose it. Oh I have heard many arguments re sin and so forth. but consider this: how many of our sins were 'in the future' when Jesus paid for sin on the cross? As Paul stated many times, this is by no means a 'license' to sin. [That's quite a study in itself]
Next, how long is eternal? Cross-reference John 6:37, 17:11 & 12. Next, Ephesians 1:3 - 14. Read Genesis 15:6. Again, these are some of the verses in the study of eternal salvation.
With all of that said, one must first be certain that they have truly been born-again. Salvation is by faith alone in Christ alone; Ephesians 2:8 & 9. So if by faith then not of works: Romans 10:9 & 10. No one can earn God's favor; Ecc.7:20, Is. 64:6, Romans 3:23.
We must all be aware of the wickedness of false teaching regarding salvation and eternal life that has always been around [good works, having to co-labor with Christ (what Blasphemous Heresy!!!) many roads, etc.)] but is in these last days increasing exponentially.
God will never leave us or forsake us. And He, clearly revealed in scripture, wants us to be peacefully and humbly secure in our salvation. Please read John 14:15 through 16:15; Romans8: 14 - 16. God the Holy Spirit has a number of [to use a very poor term, I pray He understands what I am trying to convey]functions/offices. Two of which are witnessing to true, not professing but possessing, believer's spirits that we belong to Him and secondly: sealing us. Eph. 1:14 [earnest (KJV) Greek: Arrabon - an earnest pledge to confirm the bargin.]
I pray that my God and Savior Jesus Christ will lead you to true, restful saving faith.
Ben Powell
Northridge, CA

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