Suggestions for Books to Proofread

Select a book that you think you will enjoy; this is by far the most important factor in choosing a book to proofread!

Below are a few additional factors, tips, and suggestions for selecting a book.

*Selecting a short book for your first proofreading experience is a good idea.
*It's nice, but not necessary, to have an actual copy of the book you are proofreading. The edition must match, and many of these books can be obtained or viewed online. CCEL has page images for many of our books. To find out if CCEL has the page image of book, go to the book information page and click on 'formats.'
*If you'd like to obtain a 'copy' of the page images of the book (assuming CCEL does not have them), start with Google books. They have millions of page images available for free.
*Check out CCEL's Bibliography Browser page. This browser contains a list of CCEL books (and books that CCEL would like to have), as well as information about how many times a book has been proofread (if at all) and the priority we place on the book.
*Once you find a book that interests you, open the book (read online) and make sure that the book has the option of 'reporting errors on this page (therefore allowing you to proofread the book).' If this feature is available, there will be a link at the bottom of every page or the end of every chapter.
*You might also check to see if the book has been proofread (this information is at the bottom of each page, and it's also listed in the Volunteer forum on the book reservations page). It is also not a bad idea to check if someone else is proofreading the book (also listed in the volunteer forum), but I will check this out before reserving the book in your name.
*Here's CCEL's Volunteer Forum Page.
*Once you've selected a book, email me ( your name and title for proofreading, and I'll add you to the 'reserved' list.
*I recommend sending me 2 or 3 or more suggestions that sound good to you, and I will respond with my 'evaluation' of each suggestion. That is, I will do some of this research and work for you.

Some Specific Suggestions
Law's An Appeal to All that Doubt [very short; suggested for someone new to proofreading]
Murray's With Christ in the School of Prayer [first 8 lessons completed already]
Martin Luther’s Preface to the Letter of St. Paul to the Romans [short]
Little Treasure of Prayers (anonymous) [relatively short book with about 100 prayers]
Paul Wernle’s Beginnings of Christianity [vol. I or vol II]
Gregory's Life of Our Most Holy Father St. Benedict [Patricia started on 7/13/2010 and stopped on June 23, 2011 at Chapter III, page 139]
John Tauler’s Following of Christ
[moderate in length; about 300 pages]
Friedrich Schleiermacher’s Selected Sermons of Schleiermacher [translated by Mary F. Wilson]
Ernest Edwin Ryden’s Story of Our Hymns
Augustus Johann Neander’s Life of Jesus Christ in Its Historical Connexion and Historical Developement
George MacDonald’s Day Boy and the Night Girl
Benjamin Hoadly’s Several Discourses Concerning the Terms of Acceptance with God [collection of sermons]
Charles Haddon Spurgeon's Till He Come[Spurgeon is a very popular author at CCEL]
Luther’s Commentary on St. Paul's Epistle to the Galatians [proofreading started, but never finished]
"THE STORY OF A SOUL" by ST. THÉRÈSE [started by not finished]
* Arminius, Volume 1 [JStaller, 1/31/09]