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I have been amazed at how much play the topic of tongues and the gifts of the Spirit receive here on these boards. I'm not accustom to hearing so much about it. That's strange too because speaking in tongues and the working of the Gifts seem to be central to my Pentecostal roots. But it's not something we Pentecostals discuss much. You won't generally find us teaching or even preaching on the subject very often.

If you were to sit down with a group of us and bring the tongues subject up you would probably get silence and a lot of blank stares. I guess it's something we take for granted. When visitors attend our services we lay hands on them and they speak in tongues. It's not something we analyze...it just happens that way.

Seeing all this talk about something that could be considered ordinary by some of us takes me back 20 years ago and has had me reflecting on the past lately. I remember when I was considered a devil worshiper by mainstream Christianity. I remember when Christians told me there was no support whatsoever in scripture for the power I experienced in service. I remember when Pentecostals were the occult. Some probably still consider us that today.

But it seems that things have changed to a large degree in the last 20 years. For at least these things are being asked about now, and being discussed.

There is something about all of this that gives me pause though...

It seems to me, and is just my opinion, that much of Christianity wants these gifts of the Spirit without the disciplines that must accompany them.

You see, speaking in tongues and the working of the gifts are all emotionally rooted. It feeds the flesh. I know that sounds ironic as it is the working of the Spirit.

UPCI or Pentecostals generally practice a strict regimen of disciplines that deny and even crucify flesh. So while we are being exalted through the Spirit we are constantly suffering in the flesh. Therefore there remains a certain equilibrium.

I'm afraid, and this is theory, that without the disciplines one would become lopsided and emotionally unstable.



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