Extolling virtues and "spirituality" of Bernard of Clairvaux, when he so clearly said that we must enter Heaven through Mary?

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Whilst I love the words of hymns that are believed to be based on the thoughts and writing of Bernard of Clairvaux, I find it amazing and immensely troubling and inconsistent for even evangelicals and those of a Reformed persuasion to delight in his supposed "spirituality" when at the same time he was the greatest ever proponent of the "Cult of the Virgin Mary" (not my words, by the way!) How does this square with the words of Jesus when He said that "No-one can come to the Father EXCEPT through me"? I would have thought that the words of Jesus were exclusive in this matter. Furthermore, how can Bernard AND Jesus both be right? I tend to think that what we extol as the virtuous words of Bernard, are actually the words that we have ended up with through the translations of them made by others, and not by his own words necessarily.

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