Who challenged God most in the Bible?

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Who among the following put more charges or challenges before God? Moses, Hezekiah, Elijah, David or Peter during their life time?

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Moses Did Challenge G-d

Sister Juliet,

Yes, Moses was a challenge, but G-d knew Moses heart and was able to preform what He had asked him to do.

I believe the challenge by Moses was because of his personal abilities in speech. To correctly be able to speak was the issue that Moses personally suffered over. Probably because of a lisp in his speech, which would be a impediment to his following through in his doing that G-d was requiring of him.

Scripture does not totally give the exact case that Moses had in speech, but this was not the real problem. Moses was a person that would give excuses if he had the chance. This does point out that he did have a weak Faith in G-d's Provision.

By giving excuses, we are saying that we have a lack in what we believe G-d is asking us to do, and by not doing what G-d has required of us to do shows this lacking. Most of the situations depended upon a personal Faith in G-d and that He would preform what would be required. It was Moses that did not correctly preform what G-d had required of him.

It is a fine line that we must walk in this life with sin. It is how we answer The Calling of G-d upon our person that matters to G-d and determines our sin.

G-d is willing and able to assist us and to give us personal strengths in what He has asked us to do. By asking G-d for the Spiritual Strength to do what He has asked of us, causes us to succeed in the task, despite our personal problem that we see.

So each person must make the effort to follow the correct pathway of Faith in G-d and not to depend upon our self, but to depend upon G-d who is able to complete the task in us.