Spreading the Gospel

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This is just a discovery exercise for me - I'd like to hear from other Christians about how they mostly go about spreading the good news or witnessing to Christ - Quietly through their lives, or, explaining their faith when someone shows interest, or, trying to subtly direct conversations towards God, or, gifting the Bible/ other Christian books, or, using any and every occasion to talk of Christ, or, engaging in lengthy arguments with atheists or other non-believers, or, any other way..

Also, what sort of results do you usually see with the different methods?

This thread is just about sharing personal experiences, so everyone - even the quieter parties - feel free to write...Maybe we can find some encouragement or guidance herein, and maybe we can also learn what not to do.

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RE: Spreading The Gospel

Sister Noshic,

There is no learned method that is better than waiting on The Holy Spirit to direct our pathway each day in Prayer and Supplication unto Him.

G-d always uses The Supernatural Ways of Heaven to draw those who are potentially Seekers of G-d's Ways. When we Pray, ask G-d for Spiritual Direction each day.

G-d's Holy Spirit is always at work in this, The Physical World of matter. He is working in the hearts of men/women of Our World and IS actually The Choreographer of our Redemption and our Salvation!

When we listen to The Still Small Voice of G-d's Holy Spirit, speaking to us from within our heart and soul from outside of our view of life, time and space, we will then be able to do what is required of us each day as Christians.

When we use a preset method of approach, we are limiting G-d's Ability to work through us as His instrument of Peace and Good Will to all men/women.

We do not have all the answers, But G-d Does have all of them!

When we learn to depend upon G-d, for the answer, we have to then step back and go back over what He is Saying to us to better understand what we are to do. By doing this listening each day, we are then better able to communicate to those around us who need to to hear what G-d is saying to us.

This is part of The Mystery of how G-d Works. We as Christians are then part of The Mystery and we are then Enabled by G-d to address others who have questions on G-d's Leading in their life.

This is how a Teacher is to relate what he/she has already learned by experiencing G-d working in their lives and are then Enabled to relate this same point easily to anyone who has questions.

Remembering and Memorizing The Important Scriptures that deal with G-d's Love, Mercy and Grace, is also key. We are then able to point out how our Salvation from G-d has changed our lives. Because G-d's Grace and Mercy is poured out upon us as His Created Creatures, The Works of Faith G-d has given to us, Enable us to communicate to others about our Personal Salvation as well as our Personal Relationship With Abba Father, our Pa Pa Daddy.

By relying upon G-d to give us the answer, we will then know that each person we communicate with about G-d Love, will also be enabled by The Holy Spirit to step up to that same point in life and make the correct choice to Seek G-d each day as we have also done in our life and to repent of our sin.

Looking back over time and seeing G-d's Work in the Multiplication of Saints that have been called by G-d and then responded that Call, Amazingly, just blows me away. I know I really didn't do anything that was really great or mind blowing, but G-d Did a Mighty Work of Redeeming His Church from the grips of sin, because I said YES to G-d's Call when I was a young boy. This Calling of G-d is multiplied in my life because of G-d's Holy Spirit Directing me daily and giving me the words to say to other that Seek G-d's Ways.

We must always be ready to give an answer to any question that is asked of us as Christians. Let G-d Work in and through your heart and He will give each of you the right words to say that will be from His Heart to those with question about G-d.