Spreading the Gospel

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This is just a discovery exercise for me - I'd like to hear from other Christians about how they mostly go about spreading the good news or witnessing to Christ - Quietly through their lives, or, explaining their faith when someone shows interest, or, trying to subtly direct conversations towards God, or, gifting the Bible/ other Christian books, or, using any and every occasion to talk of Christ, or, engaging in lengthy arguments with atheists or other non-believers, or, any other way..

Also, what sort of results do you usually see with the different methods?

This thread is just about sharing personal experiences, so everyone - even the quieter parties - feel free to write...Maybe we can find some encouragement or guidance herein, and maybe we can also learn what not to do.

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i accidentally found this

i accidentally found this site and very thankful to the thoughts and teaching....

"It is God who prepares the ground, for without His grace, man cannot even seek Him..We may be be called on to plant the seed or water the plants - either through the witness of our lives or our words, and we should be ready for that."