Spreading the Gospel

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This is just a discovery exercise for me - I'd like to hear from other Christians about how they mostly go about spreading the good news or witnessing to Christ - Quietly through their lives, or, explaining their faith when someone shows interest, or, trying to subtly direct conversations towards God, or, gifting the Bible/ other Christian books, or, using any and every occasion to talk of Christ, or, engaging in lengthy arguments with atheists or other non-believers, or, any other way..

Also, what sort of results do you usually see with the different methods?

This thread is just about sharing personal experiences, so everyone - even the quieter parties - feel free to write...Maybe we can find some encouragement or guidance herein, and maybe we can also learn what not to do.

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Stirring the mind

Yes Jeff, trying to make people think more deeply is what I also usually do. One of the biggest challenges I face here is the popular notion that all faiths teach the same thing and they are all different paths to the same God. This notion is so deeply embedded in Indian psyche that most people never even bother to examine any religion other than the one they are born into, or one they happen to find through some guru/friend. Their road is man->God, the concept of God->man unique revelation remains unexplored by many...simply because they don't know there's any such thing

I quietly and respectfully try to show the inherent contradictions in that position, and introduce them to the concept of revelation. Very few people here are atheists, though many are simply religious than 'faithful'. However there are a few who really seek spiritual growth and virtues, however they continue to do so under certain foundational errors due to their pantheistic background.

Also, people in our generation seem to treat spirituality too with a fast food mentality. The ultimate aim is not God, but the 'feel good' or utility factor. So they'll stick to gurus or traditions which help them cope with the current crises of their lives...even if presented with facts that should make them question their beliefs more deeply.

The previous generations were much more God-centered, even though their knowledge and resources were limited. My mother came to Christ at the age of 70, and she's amazed that all her life she kept looking for God, and she found the answers in her old age in Christ. And yet many others like her wouldn't have a Christian in their family, and would never even think of opening the Bible because they are conditioned to believe that God is unknowable beyond our conjectures..

Apart from trying to make people think, I also try hard to lead a life worthy of Christ... though there are many failures, but people do see the difference sometimes and ask questions. I even keep a Bible and a Cross in my clinic - so that the credit for any good work may go where it is due.

I have seen some aggressive witnessing (I mean, really aggressive...'the world is going to end', 'you're going to hell', 'you're dead in your sins', or simply really bad timing), but I think it sort of backfires a lot. You can't answer questions for those who aren't asking. The ground is prepared by God's grace, and it is at different times for different people. Even those who are seeking can have their minds closed to Christ - and all you do is tell them that you found the Truth there. Sometimes, after years, they suddenly have the urge to explore it for themselves. You can't force it upon them. Over the years, I've started avoiding arguments, esp with those who have already made up their minds, or, are not truly seeking at that point...Besides, in everything love and gentleness remain the key.