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This is just a discovery exercise for me - I'd like to hear from other Christians about how they mostly go about spreading the good news or witnessing to Christ - Quietly through their lives, or, explaining their faith when someone shows interest, or, trying to subtly direct conversations towards God, or, gifting the Bible/ other Christian books, or, using any and every occasion to talk of Christ, or, engaging in lengthy arguments with atheists or other non-believers, or, any other way..

Also, what sort of results do you usually see with the different methods?

This thread is just about sharing personal experiences, so everyone - even the quieter parties - feel free to write...Maybe we can find some encouragement or guidance herein, and maybe we can also learn what not to do.

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Noshi, for me it is each of

Noshi, for me it is each of the methods you listed and more except I don't argue with atheists and non-believers. However, I do "argue" with other Christians but mostly of my faith. Sometimes I argue with those of other faiths, if they wish to, but almost exclusively in online forum. I do not find argument to be negative but rather productive, if conducted in what I believe is the true definition of arguing; i.e., to state the reasons for or against; to maintain in reasoning; to persuade, drive, etc., by reasoning. I don't believe arguing in anger or quarreling is productive but I do believe that the mind needs to be agitated to wake it up and get people thinking. God allows things to agitate us to wake us up so why don't we as his disciples engage more in this form of ministry. Jesus certainly turned over a few stones in his day!

But for me the best results I have seen are when I ask questions which require deep thought rather than pressing my viewpoint. The person in essence persuades themselves (with the aid of the Holy Spirit to impress truth upon their minds). The Holy Spirit must always be present and active to present truth regardless of my words. My words may be awkward and insufficient but the Holy Spirit can bring things to their mind in such a way that I cannot.

I believe the most effective way to share Christ is to offer yourself in service to others--to act in their behalf and for their personal gain. To take a personal interest in their well-being and set yourself on a course to make it a reality in their life.

My favorite example of my favorite form of ministry is when Jesus confronted the woman of Samaria at the well and asked for a drink of water. Though he approached her from the standpoint of begging her mercy his objective was to serve her. What a wonderful example. BTW, did he ever get that drink of water he requested?

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