Some Authors We Need.

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It seems to me that we have some missing holes for some authors.
*Hilaire Belloc
Prolific writer, although many of his books are not yet public domain. He was a Roman Catholic and a friend of Chesterton.
*Harriet Beecher Stowe
*Jane Austen
*T.S. Elliot
Although I am not sure if any of his Christian works are public domain.

Some authors that have a lot of works that need filling in:
*G.K. Chesterton
*George MacDonald
*Daniel DeFoe
*John Henry Newman

Go Clive Staples! by Alexander the C...
more authors needed by simply HIS
Madame Guyon by F. Elmo
Suggested books by Haigh
John Gresham Machen by StevePoling
Reprobation Asserted by StevePoling

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