Prophecy or Fortune-telling?

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A friend of mine told me yesterday about how his church invited a 'Prophet' over from the US, and how this Prophet/preacher prophesized over each member - concerning their career/ business/ international travel/ relationships etc etc. My friend was mighty impressed...But somehow I felt very concerned - It sounds to me more like fortune-telling than genuine prophecy.

From my understanding, even if a person is given that gift, it is not something that is used lightly and at will to predict everyone's future. It has to be an inner, powerful moving by the Spirit for God's specific purpose.

And this is not even a one-off incident. Most of the Christians I've personally come across in this part of the world tend to be heavily into prophecy, speaking in tongues etc.. People like Benny Hinn and other tele-evangelists have a lot of appeal here. And I've known people who've been left really scarred and disillusioned when the superficiality of all this is exposed.

I can't help feeling that most of this phenomenon arises from a forced imitation of a faulty mental picture of the early church. Or worse, it is something that is deliberately done to exploit in-built cultural superstitions. Some people certainly are building highly-paying careers out of religion and taking the gullible for a ride.

Am I wrong to feel concerned? Is it just my scientific, skeptical temperament that makes me question things that seem overtly emotive or out of order?

I'd like to hear other people's views / experiences in this area. Is this a uniquely Indian phenomenon, or are you seeing more of this in the West too? Do others too feel concerned? How do you deal with it?

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To Answer Your Question Dan, We Must First Be Humble

Brother Dan,

Yes and Yes!

The real problem is the person who is working for G-d in His Kingdom. That person must first be humble and possess a heart that is Seeking G-d Always!

The first real understanding we must come to recognize is that our G-d never Changes! There is no turning with G-d! He has placed the dynamics into being that we are to live by. They are found within The Torah.

Secondly when we are doing the will of The Father and are living by Faith, we come under G-d's Authority. He directs our pathways. He is the One that gives us direction Spiritually and physically within our body/spirit.

How does G-d give us Direction today? You may say several different things like reading The Word, Prayer and Worship of G-d. But, G-d's Revelation to His Church, is the main ingredient for our direction each day. He is the Author of our Faith. He will finish that Work of Faith that He Started within us.

So, you see we must live in The Prophetic, even today for our direction in the physical comes to us in The Supernatural Way that G-d uses to communicate with us, and that is The Holy Spirit. This is directly from G-d's Heart to our heart and is within us as Christians who have turned our life over to Him for His Directions on how we are to live by Faith in Him. Within The Hebrew Context of The Tanakh, this is Face to face.

This Hebrew Understanding is called Divine Inspiration. G-d is still communicating with His Creation mankind! This is also known as Walking with G-d. When we Walk With G-d, He is speaking to us in The Prophetic and we then know what He is telling us. So, if we are Walking by Faith then we will also know what we are to do. This is living in The Supernatural World, yet within the framework of our body.

The Mystic must always live by Faith in G-d and draw close to Him Spiritually in The Supernatural Way that G-d presents Himself towards us. All of The Holy men of The Bible lived and breathed and yet lived in The Supernatural as well. Nothing is impossible when you live by Faith in G-d and desire to please Him in every way you can.

So, with this in mind, can you limit anything that G-d says He will do?

With this important objective hidden within our heart and spirit, what G-d asks of us as Christians, is to be His Witness to the Supernatural way that G-d Does things in the physical world. We are the ones who limit G-d to our domains.
We think we are walking by faith, but we are not. We want to walk by Faith, but Spiritually we are unable because we only think we are and do not know The Truth of G-d's Ways.

I believe we need to first Seek G-d each day in prayer. When we do this we are putting the first part of our Christian Life to the task. Then study The Bible from cover to cover and really search The Scriptures. When we do this, G-d then is able to work within us, by His Holy Spirit. We first are to be washed by The Word/The Bible, then G-d is able to use us because we are in prayer/communications with Him daily.

Then we must rid ourself of everything that holds us back from G-d within our life. When we have nothing that holds us back from Seeking G-d, He is then able to fill us with Himself.

This is only the first steps that we must take before G-d is really able to use us as a humble man, on a Spiritual and Supernatural Journey within our physical body in life. When we Walk With G-d in The Cool of The Day, nothing is impossible! Don't limit what G-d is able to do!