Prophecy or Fortune-telling?

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A friend of mine told me yesterday about how his church invited a 'Prophet' over from the US, and how this Prophet/preacher prophesized over each member - concerning their career/ business/ international travel/ relationships etc etc. My friend was mighty impressed...But somehow I felt very concerned - It sounds to me more like fortune-telling than genuine prophecy.

From my understanding, even if a person is given that gift, it is not something that is used lightly and at will to predict everyone's future. It has to be an inner, powerful moving by the Spirit for God's specific purpose.

And this is not even a one-off incident. Most of the Christians I've personally come across in this part of the world tend to be heavily into prophecy, speaking in tongues etc.. People like Benny Hinn and other tele-evangelists have a lot of appeal here. And I've known people who've been left really scarred and disillusioned when the superficiality of all this is exposed.

I can't help feeling that most of this phenomenon arises from a forced imitation of a faulty mental picture of the early church. Or worse, it is something that is deliberately done to exploit in-built cultural superstitions. Some people certainly are building highly-paying careers out of religion and taking the gullible for a ride.

Am I wrong to feel concerned? Is it just my scientific, skeptical temperament that makes me question things that seem overtly emotive or out of order?

I'd like to hear other people's views / experiences in this area. Is this a uniquely Indian phenomenon, or are you seeing more of this in the West too? Do others too feel concerned? How do you deal with it?

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That Is The Right Prayer Brother

Brother Mike,

You have squared it it off correctly Brother Mike.

We as Christians are to pray for The Supernatural working of G-d's Kingdom taking place right now in The Heavens. May this battle be finalized for The Nation of India.

I pray daily for G-d's Will to be done in India today. It has taken almost 2000 years for this Victory to be completed. From the early beginnings of Christianity this Spiritual Battle has been looming.

The first Missionary journey to India was in 52 AD, taken by Saint Thomas who departed from Syria as a slave, sold by Yeshua to The King of India as a Carpenter/Craftsman with his work of bringing the Good News to The Peoples of India. He started this Spiritual Battle for The Hearts of those living there by first demonstrating that he lived by Faith in G-d and preforming many epic acts of his Faith among The Leadership of The Community of Kerala. The Gospel was first presented to those within The Diaspora but also spread to other People Groups within India.

There have been many conflicts between Christians confused about The Truth as Noshi said.

We as Christians become confused with the ideas of man and fail to recognize G-d's Truth from man's ideas of what the truth is within our religious efforts to serve G-d. We must not have ears that like to hear new and different ideas, but have Spiritual Ears that are in tune with The Holy Spirit and His Direction on our Pathways in life that are correctly presented from within The Word of G-d.

There have been three major missionary contacts made to India by those within The Christian Church. Very early on after Yeshua presented The Good News, Saint Thomas brought the Faith of The Nazarenes to India/Jesus the Nazarete. This was a development of Christianity that was Semitic and Eastern which is different than The Latin derived Christian Church's of The West that are found with their roots within Europe.

With The Spanish came this Latin derived Roman Catholic Church to India. The Roman Catholic missionaries didn't recognize The Semitic/Syrian Christian Churches that were there already and set up by Saint Thomas. The same goes true with The Portuguese in India as well. They were bring The Good News Gospel in The Latin which was different than The Worship of Yahweh in The East in The Semitic Tongue. This was the start of Conflict upon Conflict.

So, I would say that we as Christians are partly to blame because of our failure to recognize our Brethren in the past.

Prayer is the one sure way to bring all of our Brethren Together in G-d's Name.

I will be praying for all of The Work of spreading The Good News by all of the Christian Workers who are seeking G-d above their own desires and are pleasing G-d in a Righteous Way towards all who desire to draw close to G-d in India.