HOT TOPIC: God's Nature vs His Character

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In another thread we veered off ending up discussing the Nature of God esepcially His omniscience and omnipotence.

I hold that God is ALL powerful and ALL knowing and He just chooses not to do somethings and to not know certain things when it suits His plans.

The other side of the argument is that there are certain things God cannot do, like sin. That it is not just Him choosing to not sin but that He is completely incapable of sin, that it is an actual limit to His omnipotence and omniscience.

This thread is meant to give all an opportunity to present arguments for either side.

I will begin by posting a few responses to the last few posts of one other poster in the previous thread.

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Thanks. I had not considered

Thanks. I had not considered that when I abbreviated Michael_Legna's user id. Ironic, yes? I guess I'll need to refrain since others may get confused.

DISCLAIMER: Nearly all of my posts referring to "ML" were quoting Michael_legna and not Martin Luther. I do not know of any usage which pertains to Martin Luther in the recent past. But use the context to judge which is which.

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