HOT TOPIC: God's Nature vs His Character

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In another thread we veered off ending up discussing the Nature of God esepcially His omniscience and omnipotence.

I hold that God is ALL powerful and ALL knowing and He just chooses not to do somethings and to not know certain things when it suits His plans.

The other side of the argument is that there are certain things God cannot do, like sin. That it is not just Him choosing to not sin but that He is completely incapable of sin, that it is an actual limit to His omnipotence and omniscience.

This thread is meant to give all an opportunity to present arguments for either side.

I will begin by posting a few responses to the last few posts of one other poster in the previous thread.

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ML, I've been reading all of

ML, I've been reading all of your recent replies in all threads before I post. But I just wanted to quickly point out something here...

I had said, "Since God is sovereign He gets to define what is truth and what is right. He has chosen to make Himself the standard. And, He reveals Himself to mankind in word and deed so that all may judge. And the judgment will be, "Thou are worthy...Holy, Holy, Holy!""

To which you replied..."But now you argue against yourself by saying God chooses to act the way He does. You started out by claiming he had no choice (that it was His nature) and now you say He chooses to make Himself the standard. By doing so he defines sin and truth, He does not have sin and truth define His nature."

I said nothing about God choosing to act. I said He has chosen to make Himself the standard. His character is the standard of righteousness and truth. There's a big difference. It's hard to give a secular analogy because nothing but God is perfect. Man once was. Nature once was. But neither are any more. But I guess I could use the example of water. Water does not choose to be wet, nor does it try to be. Its very nature is to be wet. And wet, btw, is simply a word we use to describe one of water's characteristics. We have chosen to assign those three letters in that particular combination and sequence to denote an attribute of water. So too, God doesn't choose, nor try, to be good, He is Good. And what He is defines goodness.

We have missed a few times because one or the other of us hasn't taken the time to truly digest what the other has written. I know I struggle sometimes to understand what you are saying. My first impression is usually wrong. But if I give you the benefit of the doubt, that you are neither stupid nor unskilled, and really try to understand what it is you are saying I begin to see the light and it makes more sense. But I have to be open minded.

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