HOT TOPIC: God's Nature vs His Character

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In another thread we veered off ending up discussing the Nature of God esepcially His omniscience and omnipotence.

I hold that God is ALL powerful and ALL knowing and He just chooses not to do somethings and to not know certain things when it suits His plans.

The other side of the argument is that there are certain things God cannot do, like sin. That it is not just Him choosing to not sin but that He is completely incapable of sin, that it is an actual limit to His omnipotence and omniscience.

This thread is meant to give all an opportunity to present arguments for either side.

I will begin by posting a few responses to the last few posts of one other poster in the previous thread.

MODERATOR: Pull it together brothers

Brothers -

I have deleted one of the posts from this particular thread already and am shutting it down for a couple days. Let's can the rhetoric about blasphemy and whether we serve the same God.

Please do not re-start this topic elsewhere. Give it a rest for a couple days.

You both have some good points worth looking closer into once you step back and think about it. Is God the ultimate author of sin since He allowed Satan and the Fall? Can God lie? Can we say God is all powerful if He cannot lie? Can God tempt others with evil? Are there differences of emphasis in the interrelationship of Divine Sovereignty and Human responsibility depending the testament or even the author one is reading? Is there a difference between God's essential and moral attributes, and therefore somethings God cannot do and still be God? What can God not do and still be God? Can the God who can do anything fail to do something He tries to do? And how does one navigate this path when coming from very different authority bases?