WHO WERE THE SONS OF GOD IN GENESIS CHAPTER 6:2 I believe that the sons of GOD WERE THE ANGELS because of the giants in those days.

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Angels Were Not Designed By G-d For Reproductive Functions

Brother Mike,

Angels, were not designed by G-d for reproductive functions, even though they were like unto mankind in physical design. Angels are not able to have children, no mater what we may think that they can do. They were Created to work in The Supernatural as we are also able to function in The Supernatural as well. But sometimes we may think that Angels can because of what we read, without the Witness of The Holy Spirit, who brings all things unto His Conformity, from Ephesians 1:11,

V11 In whom also we have obtained an inheritance, being ...
... Chosen ..... Conformity .....

And another verse from Philippians 3:21,

V21 Who shall change our vile body, that it may be ...
... who shall transform our body of humiliation into conformity to his body of glory,
according to the working of the power which ...

I wanted to point out some understanding that The Bible points out to us from several different Scriptures about angels.

The word "Angel" by definition is referring to one of the types of Heavenly Beings that G-d created as an Individual Spiritual Identity, to Worship Him. From Psalm 104:4 gives us a view of what an Angel's appearance looks like in the physical. Information here is from Nelson's Bible Dictionary.

V4 Who makes His angels spirits; His ministers a flam of fire.

Angels are not like humans. Angels are not restricted to the time space continuum with a body like ours. They are physical, but are not confined to the body by the physical laws of Science as we know. ...this is noncaporical... sorry about the spelling...

Angels have Supernatural Discernment.

Angels have a free will as we have. Angels can sin against G-d as we do and can be seen by The Fall of Lucifer, in The Rebellion of Heaven, before The Creation of The World. from Genesis 2:1; Job 38:1,4,7; Colossians 1:16.

Angels, were given Superhuman Powers to function in their nature of service to G-d. Angels are considered Very Awesome as The Angel of G-d is spoken about in The Scriptures, from Judges 13:6. I would say that this detail in description sounds more like The Son of G-d than an Angel of G-d.

Most of the time, Angels do not have wings as Spiritual Beings of Heaven but two wings are depicted in artistic works which can be found portrayed inside The Sistine Chapel and in many other Churches in Europe and The Middle East.

However, Angels like The Cherubim do have four wings(Ezekiel 1:23) and are depicted as Covering The Arc of Covenant. The word Cherubim, In Hebrew, Keruvim, keh-roo-veem, a plural of keruv, Strong's #3742, כְּרוּב, of uncertain derivation, possibly related to The Akkadian verb, keruv, to bless, to praise, to adore. The earliest form of the word is found in The Mycenaean word, a-ke-ro attested in Linear B syllabic script for angel.

Angels like The Cherubim is mentioned 90 times in The Hebrew Tahakh/Old Testament. We find in The Hebrew reference in Exodus 28:14, to The Cherub who covers. In this same reference it gos on to identify The Anointed Cherub as Satan. In the next verse 15, we see iniquity being found in him.

Angels like The Seraphim have six wings. Two that cover their face, two that cover their feet, and two which they fly with, from Isaiah 6:2.

The word usage of Angel/Angels is repeated 99 times in The Bible.

Angels were designed to Worship and Praise G-d. We find this understanding being pointed out in Psalms 148. This Chapter of Psalms is identifying the reason and the direction that All of Creation is Worshiping The Creator. This gives us a direction and a reason that we can see, know and understand why G-d Created Angels as well as mankind. This Chapter is pointing out All of Creation is Worshiping G-d, by giving Him all of their praise. But before G-d Created The Worlds, from Job 38:4-7, Satan fell. Satan was the leading Angel of The Rebellion in Heaven.

Archangels are also mentioned in The Bible, from Daniel 10 13, we find Michael's name being identified. Michael is one of The Chief Princes who rules and guards over the activities of Israel, Daniel 10:13. Michael was fighting with one of The Chief Princes of The King of Persia in Daniel's Vision. In this case Angels are an influence over Nations in The Heavenly Places/The Invisible Spirit Realm. Daniel's Vision is completed by Cyrus in Ezra's Book with Michael's Strong Fighting for The People of Israel to return home to Judah and Jerusalem.

With this understanding that I have touched on can help us grasp mentally the powerful control that Principalities and Rulers of Darkness can exert over a Nation or the issues of Nationality that brings to bear with The Angelic Princes who Rule over The Nations. All of this is going on as we discuss this question right now about Angels. This information is from The Book of Daniel Chapter 10, and Judges Chapter 13,

So Angels are Supernatural Spiritual Beings and Work for G-d in The Heavenly Places as well as doing The Will of G-d on Earth as it is in Heaven. From The Prayer of Yeshua(Jesus), "Our Father".

We also know that mankind exists in both Spirit and Body. At this time in our life, we are bound to our physical body. Death will release our spirit which G-d Created and will return to Him in the spirit, while our body decays and it returns to the dust that it was made from.

So, in order to see the bigger picture, we need to understand that Angels do not spend their time in physical bodies. Angels are fighting The Good Fight, Spiritually, and Supernaturally in The Heavenly Places. They also take care of G-d's affairs when called upon in this, the physical world as well.

And by the way, this problem of a reprobate mind was the reason for The Deluge of Noah!

In The Hebrew Bible, Bereshit ends with verse 8, and Noach starts at verse 9 of Genesis 6. So you see, what is actually taking place is G-d giving the reprobate, his justice and rewarding those who wanted nothing to do with G-d bringing His Kingdom down to Earth.