WHO WERE THE SONS OF GOD IN GENESIS CHAPTER 6:2 I believe that the sons of GOD WERE THE ANGELS because of the giants in those days.

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Good Point Jeff

Brother Jeff,

That is a very good point that you bring up here.

There is a great difference between the one who has a reprobate mind and one who's mind is focused on G-d's Way of doing things.

You have made the distinction and addressed the Who, Why, and When with the What of this question.

This is the common mistake that many people make, that do not understand The Jewish(Hebrew) Text. The word picture that is is painted in the mind behind the words that are used, can make us misunderstand what is being said.

If we don't understand the basic principals of The Scriptures, we are then taken by our own imaginations, and we are totally lost as to the real point that is being spoken about.

When we understand how different mankind is made, compared to The Angels, we then can also understand what G-d is trying to point out with our story found in Genesis 6.

This same problem in the heart of man, is the real reason for The Deluge that covered The Earth in Noah's lifetime.

When we really understand that the heart of man is Desperately Wicked, we will then be able to understand how a double portion of this wickedness can bring to the heart of mankind, in a lifetime of separation from G-d.

Jeremiah 17:9, from The King James Bible, points this out to us,

V9 The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?

When we turn our hearts toward G-d, we are changed by His Love and Grace. Faith is planted there, and we no longer are the sons of man who are desperately wicked, but are now changed and we are now The Sons of G-d. We should be shining The Light of G-d that we have been given, to all nations.