WHO WERE THE SONS OF GOD IN GENESIS CHAPTER 6:2 I believe that the sons of GOD WERE THE ANGELS because of the giants in those days.

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Interesting: Six of the names

Interesting: Six of the names in Cain's family in Gen. 4 are very similar or identical to six of the names in Seth's family in Gen. 5.

In Cain's family, we find the names of Cain (Kayin), Enoch (Chanok), Irad (Yirad), Mehujael (Mechuyael), Methusael (Methushael), and Lamech (Lemek).

In Seth's family, we find Cainan (Kenan), Mahalaleel (Mahalal'el), Jared (Yered), Enoch (Chanok), Methuselah (Methushelach), and Lamech (Lemek).

Scripture tells us that when Seth was born men began to call upon the name of the Lord. Of Cain, scripture says, he went out from the presence of the Lord. (cf., Gen. 4).

Here we have the sheep and the goats. Those who follow God and those who do not. It is commonly held that the descendants of Cain are in chapter six the progenitors of the daughters of men. In other words, worldly girls. And the offspring of Seth produced godly men, or sons of God. When the two lineages began to intermarry the world was cast into further darkness. The wicked wifes polluted the goodly men.

What Elderdad has said is correct. Jesus answered the question about whose wife a woman would be in heaven if she had seven husbands and Jesus stated that His askers were ignorant of scripture--"For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven."

In heaven there is no marriage because there is no need of reproduction. Two do not become one as Adam and Eve. Therefore, angels do not need reproductive organs and are therefore incapable of reproducing offspring. Only to this world are we told that God created in His image. Among those attributes was the ability to pro-create. Not that we could create life but that God made it so. At creation God said, "be fruitful and multiply." This was not the case in heaven. Therefore, angels cannot reproduce. So for them to mingle their seed with the seed of man is an impossibility.

You say you believe to the contrary. If you have scriptural evidence to the contrary and an absence of any texts to support your belief then you are simply believing something someone else has thought up and not something God has told you. There cannot be any comfort or wisdom in that position. Yet, many people tell me that they want to believe certain things regardless. That is to their hurt.

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