John 2

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re :Jesus' anger at the temple

our lords anger was not human, it was more from a holy manner,in regards to the divine truth,it was out of pure love, for the love off all mankind, it is the literal sense of the word, god is not arbituary, he speaks to us in a natural way to convey to us that it is man that is angry with god, for the carnal mind is hostile to god, to prove your point that jesus and god are one and the same,father son and holy spirit are the three essentials of the one god, like body soul and operation in man, you made a good point on the divinity of our lord jesus christ, but its not hard to understand if your willing to, that jesus was god in the flesh who came in the fullness of time,jehovah just added a natural body to what he already had from eternity, your going in the right direction in regards to the lords divinity, stay in touch, you seem like a bright person, god bless, pure love does not punish its divine, natural love does or infernal, but not divine it feels no anger or hate, amen