John 2

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Welcome, Chris!

Welcome to the group, Chris!

I look forward to your participation in our stimulating discussions. Justin does a great job of leading us while giving us plenty of rope to hang ourselves. (That's a joke, Justin)

John's gospel, along with Romans and Genesis are probably at the top of my list of favorites, too. However, I believe that all of Scripture is spiritual in that it is inspired by the Holy Spirit. But, I think I understand your intention in distinguishing John from the synoptics. To me, John gives us more foundational redemptive theology than probably any other book in the Bible, especially if one studies it in light of Paul's teachings in Romans.

Some have said that Johanine doctrines are based on the writings of Paul, but I believe it's vice versa. I believe that simply because Paul wrote his inspired epistles earlier does not mean that John had to learn from Paul. I believe John had discerned these profundities long before he wrote them down. But, then that's just my opinion, which probably isn't worth a whole lot. :)

Grace and peace.


aka "Beedy"