John 2

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first miracle

@sandman338..I stand by my statement that this was the Lord's first miracle because that's what it says in black and white in John2:11"this was the beginning of miracles of Jesus..."(KJV)I am aware of the Lord's supernatural ability in seeing Nathaniel under the tree.You can call that a miracle but John the apostle did not.
Indeed the Lord would honor his earthly parents but first he must be about his Father's business
Please remember I was writing in response to Dina's post which said Mary forced his hand and caused him to change his mind .#sfrancisco felt that Mary played a part in that she first brought the matter of the lack of wine.I did agree but cautioned against giving Mary credit for what is not recorded in God's word.Neither would I speculate that "it seems unlikely that Jesus would have acted in this instance if it were not for his mother's request."

Thanks for your input. There is important teaching about inadequacies of the "old economy" and the rich and abundant life Christ offers and Holy Matrimony. Let's pray that as we study his word we learn to love and revere him more.