John 2

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Hello sfrancisco.

You had written...

    The miracle in the Canaan could not happen without the intersection of Mother Mary because Jesus Himself had said to His mother that His time had not come yet. By the virtues of Mary's request, Jesus made this miracle happened. Mary represents all mothers. She is our spiritual mother.She loves us and care for us. In the wedding, she does not want the bridegroom and the bride got embarrass in the middle of the wedding celebration.

    Therefore; the first miracle of Christ depended on His Virgin Mother. She was the one who notify her Son to make this happen.

You seem to imply that when Jesus said His time had not yet come that He was unable to perform the miracle. If that is true then do you contend that He was not at that point in time both Divine and human? Because if He was both Divine and human then what would prevent Him? It's my understanding, being informed by scripture, that Jesus was first Divine and took upon himself our flesh. The mystery of the incarnation is that Jesus was both Divine and human--at once!

Perhaps there was nothing virtuous about Mary's request at all. Perhaps it was motivated by selfish need or, as you suggest, compassion for the wedding part. Either way perhaps Christ responded because He wished to honor even His earthly mother and shared her compassion rather than being compelled to perform a miracle at her bequest as your idea conveys.

What if Christ meant by his words that it wasn't yet time for him to reveal himself and draw attention to himself--something a miracle of this nature would tend to do. This would mean that Mary's role was insignificant and Christ, though Divine, had subjected Himself to His heavenly Father for power and grace rather than an earthly human being who was inferior to Him. Not having the power herself to perform the miracle she could not contribute anything toward Christ's abilities. She had nothing to offer Him. But in her example we find comfort that we too may ask of Christ and receive the thing which we desire.

Could it be that your understanding is prejudiced by religiosity branded by a particular denomination? Are you open to any other understandings?

Perhaps we can call Mary a type of catalyst. But certainly she was not "the essentian instrument" (sic). Christ could, and did, perform the miracle without any dependence upon his mother.

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