John 2

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Mary is the essentian instrument in the first miracle of her son

I believe and agree that Jesus is the center of everything.Jesus is our Lord and God who came to safe us from the sin of slavery. He is yesterday, today and tomorrow. He is alpha and omega.Those doctrine are totally 100% accepted.
Now, Mary is the Mother of God (Jesus Christ), the eternal God, and Trinitarian God. The analogy of Mother and children will explain better in this case. We love our mother more than father. I do not know why. May be mother is the closest person in the life of her child. Jesus was one of the children in the world who had been raised as an ordinary child. He loves His parents especially His Mother. He listen to His Parents.

The miracle in the Canaan could not happen without the intersection of Mother Mary because Jesus Himself had said to His mother that His time had not come yet. By the virtues of Mary's request, Jesus made this miracle happened. Mary represents all mothers. She is our spiritual mother.She loves us and care for us. In the wedding, she does not want the bridegroom and the bride got embarrass in the middle of the wedding celebration.
Therefore; the first miracle of Christ depended on His Virgin Mother. She was the one who notify her Son to make this happen.