John 2

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Misunderstandings of Jesus

Right on, Justin! I believe "darkness" does, indeed, refer to those who are "blind" to the truth of the Scriptures and the true Jesus who is the source of eternal life. To me, the greatest mystery of the faith is the truth that as we ALL fell in Adam's sin and were consigned to darkness and eternal condemnation. But God, in His amazing and unfathomable grace, determined to bless a family of humanity with the "light" to see the Truth and be drawn to Him. And yet, and here is the topic which I am unable to fathom and explain, : He still holds accountable those who remain blind. Even the apostle Paul runs into a brick wall in response to the obvious question "Why does He still find fault" (See Romans 9:19ff). Answer: Who are we to reply against God?

I suspect we will never truly understand this side of Heaven. But what else can we do but trust Him and be inexpressibly grateful that we have been chose as the objects of that saving grace!