John 2

re: towJel

Mary quickly understood him and did not answer him but addressed the servants "whatsoever He says, do it." Servants obey..Water turns to wine..governor of the wedding pleasantly surprised and the disciples believe. .... The guest at this marriage will be the Groom at a future marriage!! ALLELUIA, we will be his loving bride!

I think it is certainly appropriate to look forward from this passage towards the Marriage Supper. When Jesus says, "It is not my time," I wonder if there is a dual reference to the crucifixion-and-resurrection AND the 'marriage' of Zion the Bride to God. Because Jesus' blood is wine, and because Jesus is constantly headed to the appointed 'hour' in John, which is the crucifixion, and because the cup of Christ is a symbol of the renewed kingdom, it seems to me there could very well be in Jesus' response to Mary an allusion the the cross/empty tomb as the wedding event itself--just as there is an overlap in Revelation between the Marriage Supper and the Day of Judgment, so also may there be an overlap between the prophetic crucifixion of Christ and the approaching wedding with the Woman, Zion.