John 2

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Whatsoever He says...Emphasis is on " HE"

I appreciate Dina's thoughts but I wish to put forward my ideas.
I do not agree that Jesus Christ's hand was ever forced by Mary..however strong her faith or virtue was. He always does what his Father wants him to do, not what Mary wants him to do! It is ALWAYS in the Divine will that he acts. He did not change his mind at all.It is never when mary wants him but it is always at God's perfect timing that he acts.
So Mary did not put Jesus on the spot.But he gently reminded her that the will of the flesh is so alien to the will of God when he said earlier "Woman, what have I to do with you? Mine hour is not yet come." Sadly many seem to focus on Mary nowadays but the emphasis should always be on HIM for he was going to do his first miracle and bring Glory to God.That was his intention and hopefully we will remember that. Mary quickly understood him and did not answer him but addressed the servants "whatsoever He says, do it." Servants obey..Water turns to wine..governor of the wedding pleasantly surprised and the disciples believe.
As this is stated as the beginning of his miracles we can discount all speculations and stories of miracles in the household and as a child.
The guest at this marriage will be the Groom at a future marriage!! ALLELUIA, we will be his loving bride!