John 2

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6 waterpots plus 1 jar of water

"there may be a link between the 6 water tubs at the wedding and the single jar of water= seven cups of water all told"
I agree with your linking the 2 stories revolving around marriage and women and water.
Water is refreshing but by turning water into quality wine Christ saved the day for the bridal party. Christ always brings out the best in whatever he deals with.His ways are perfect.
Whenever there is a wedding we ought to think of that Great coming Day when Christ will be united with his blood-bought bride with her robe of Righteousness.
Thirdly we hear of the everflowing well of living water that Christ offers to all that come to him.
But look at the significance of the numbers..
6 is the number of being short of perfect
7 is that perfect/complete number
the 6 waterpots after the manner of purification of the Jews will never bring eternal cleansing.
it will take Christ to make it a perfect number. It will need the perfect cleansing by redeeming blood.