John 2

"Whatsoever He says to you, do it"

Appreciated Justin's insight into Jesus' awareness of timing in His ministry and that all events were leading to the cross. I thought that Mary's comment to the servants, "Whatsoever he says to you, do it" was significant in that her faith forced His hand and caused Him to change His mind. Jesus addressed Mary as "woman" --maybe a bit of an unusual way to address a mother but nevertheless showing that He did what she asked not because she was His mother but because of her faith.
I thought it was quite marvelous that although He knew He had a role to play and a destiny to fulfill yet because of Mary's great faith, He changed His timing and did what she asked.
This is quite encouraging for me personally to think that so great a faith could change the mind of God. She literally put Jesus on the spot and He responded to her request because of her faith.
Then, too, there's the condition of "whatsoever He says, do it" -- that challenges me as well. Key ingredient in the faith life, in seeing miracles is: "Do it." Obey what He tells you. Like Paul said, "I have been obedient to the Heavenly vision."
I wonder if perhaps Mary was used to Jesus doing miracles in their family household when there was a need. She certainly had faith that He could do miracles. Of course, He hesitated about turning the water into wine because it would mean going public and would catapult Him into the limelight. But His spirit responded to her faith. It was that and His great love for the people and compassion on their need.
So for me it's interesting to see the dynamics of faith in action here. Faith is a kind of drawing power. It is us, as weak, frail humans, drawing on the power of God. (Remember the parable of the unjust judge)
And His great heart of love responds as a mother responds to the cry of a hungry baby.