John 2

Jesus & anger

Displays of Christ's anger are few and far between, it's true, and Jesus' anger and frustration with the failures of the then-existing temple practices clearly led to a deliberate demonstration. Some people might be uncomfortable calling this "anger," even, not wanting to credit Jesus with an emotional outburst. While I think this reluctance sometimes reflects discomfort with anger as an emotion, I also note that this was no simple outburst--one or more of the synoptics record that Jesus went into the temple, looked around, and went back to Bethany for the night. Only AFTER a night of deliberation and consideration did Jesus go back into the temple and throw that whip around. I imagine this to be that cold kind of rage, tightly controlled and then unleashed to drive home an exceptionally important point about the sanctity of the true house of God. Perhaps "rage" is the wrong word; perhaps it's better described as "wrath."