John 2

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upon further consideration

There is a great deal of significance attached to Jesus' cleansing the Temple beyond the initial reading of His anger for the injustice of the Temple authorities. I am in agreement with your placement of the context of the quote from Jeremiah to indicate Jesus' bringing in a whole new salvation economy. The new wine in the old covenant ceremonial washing pots already shows God's plan was changing. The general meaning of reform of a religious system is perhaps Jesus' main intention in cleansing the Temple. This principle can also apply to our own individual lives as we allow Jesus to reform us and correct any sin or error in our walk with God. When we, or in this case the Jews, allow mere formalism and ritualism to obscure the true restoration of the human heart towards God, then His judgment is inevitable. The OT prophets spent a great deal of energy delivering the message of reform and revival to the Jews who prided themselves in the Temple and its ceremonies. Jeremiah's mission was a difficult one in the sense that very few heard and responded to his word. Jesus, besides delivering a message of social justice, was introducing a whole new era in salvation history. I was not rejecting your interpretation Justin, only attempting to place the emphasis where I thought it should be. Jesus very rarely displayed anger so I felt it was important to understand what made Him angry.

Tom Groeneman