John 2

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Textual considerations


You bring up an excellent point about textual considerations.

Interestingly, the synoptic accounts all agree on most items, some more detailed than others. However, John has some interesting variations. Among these is (1) he is the only to place the account on the Passover, and since this was the temple, not a synagogue, Jesus could have done it any day of the week. I mention this small detail to set aside the suggestion that it had to be on the Sabbath, because that's when worship occurred. Not necessarily true in the temple.

(2) is the fact that John doesn't end the account with the persecution that resulted from it, as the synoptics all agree. This is one of the reasons why I believe John is chronological on this. It took awhile for the religious leaders to get cranked up and realize Jesus was going to be a problem if they didn't do something.

(3) Notice the different answer to the question shortly afterword as to what authority He used. His answer is different in this instance than in the latter instance found in Matthew and Mark.


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