John 2

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The Miracle at Cana

I am new to this discussion. This is my first time to view it. Forgive me if I am not up to speed with how the discussions have progressed. I am impressed with the depth of thought given to this narrative by those of you who have posted comments. You have put forth symbolic meanings that I, frankly, have never considered and I do find that all of them certainly could be relevant to the full context of the New Testament. I also believe that there is often deeper meanings to Scriptural passages than what appears on an initial reading. However, I am convinced that the obvious and most relevant meaning of most all Scripture is what the Scripture plainly says, assuming one has a reliable translation. In this narrative, I believe it is very clear that the primary purpose for this whole scenario and this particular account is given to us in vs. 2:6-11. The purpose of this miracle, Jesus' first, was to manifest His glory and bring his disciples to saving faith. Beyond that, we delve into speculation, and while it might certainly be "informed speculation", it is speculation none the less.

My point here is that informed speculation is stimulating and interesting, and I suppose harmless, so long as it in no way contradicts the Gospel and no one claims it to be inspired. However, I believe we have an obligation to label it as such and to be certain we are not obscuring the obvious primary truth that the passage is plainly presenting.

I apologize is if this is information you all have already put forth and is uniformly understood, but for newcomers such as myself, I felt it was important to reiterate.

I am looking forward to continuing this study of John's gospel with all of you.

A brother in Christ,

Barry W.