The Book of Revelation Study

Welcome to my side project—this Revelation study was undertaken maybe a year ago, and we ALMOST made it to the end before I had to leave the group for awhile. But I’m thinking about resurrecting the study, at least to finish it. It was a fruitful endeavor, and I learned much, both about Revelation and about studying scripture in a group.

Eventually I hope to expand this into a full group, but feel free to leave what comments you like.

Revelation 1
Revelation 2-3
Revelation 4
Revelation 5
Revelation 6
Revelation 7
Revelation 8-9
Revelation 10
Revelation 11
Revelation 12
Revelation 13
Revelation 14
Revelation 15-16
Revelation 17
Revelation 18
Revelation 19
Revelation 20
Revelation 21