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The side topics

Regarding the recent posts in the side topic section, I am sorry these are bothersome to you. They originally were getting out-of-hand in chapter 13, which was originally covered quite some time ago. Because they were veering the Chapter 13 study well away from the text, even though they started by a discussion of Judas, I asked those discussing predestination and free will to move it to the side topics thread. They have cooperated well in doing so. However, if you are getting the discussion by e-mail rather than by reading the Study of St. John page, I can understand why you would feel there is an onslaught of extraneous material. One way to solve this might be to stop the automatic e-mails and just read the posts on the St. John page. At the top of the page, in the introductory material, is a link to explain how to turn off e-mail. While I am aware that many use the e-mail system for getting the study posts, comments that have been made by such participants lead me to conclude that it is clearer to just bring up the CCEL page and get the discussion more clearly arranged in the order of the ongoing discussion.

As for the discussion of the New World Translation, that subject came up as a direct concern related to the text of the Gospel of John. I assume you are a Roman Catholic, based on your screen name. As such, you will have no problem with the doctrine of the Trinity. The best book I have ever read on the subject came from a Roman Catholic author in the late 1800s. The belief in the Triune nature of God is, to a large extent, based on the text of John 1. Hence, a poster brought up the subject of the alternative rendering of John 1:1. To have not addressed the NWT wording of this would have been negligent. As for the post by the "Moslem visitor," I found no humor in the blunt statement asserting that Jesus is not God as told in the Gospel of John.

I apologize for my slow adding to the ongoing posts in the study of St. John. We are currently at the junction of Chapters 15 and 16 (discussing the analogy of the vine and the branches, sometimes mistakenly referred to as a parable), and I am currently working on my next post there, which I should be ready to post pretty soon.

I hope you will stay with us in the St. John study and perhaps share with us thoughts on the text in the current studies as well as those we have already covered.

It would help the study group if you were to post items about the Gospel of John in that study page rather in the general forums. I'm not sure why Justin started this other thread when he was the group leader.

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