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I share this comment openly with all members of the group and especially those that have recently been sharing responses back and forth within the last 30 comments.

I have received within my inbox about 30 this is why I state last 30 comments.

I am new and have joined this group for one purpose and one purpose only, namely, to study, the Gospel of John.

True, I am new; however I have found that the threading of subjects that are going back and forth here within the Gospel of John has been either on reformed theology or about the JWs and questioning inspiration of scripture and what that entails oh with the humorist input of our Moslem visitor.

Whereas I can appreciate a good discussion and having participated within them for over 40 years, being a Born again Christian following the Lord's brother Jude's admonition founded within Jude 3 and again the admonition found within the first Epistle of our beloved Br. Peter 3:15, I can't follow the train of thought that discussing predestination free will and JW false translation of the Holy Word of God relates within the subject of Gospel of John.

I could understand it if we were discussing Br. Paul's epistle to Romans or Timothy and Br. Peter re inspiration of Scripture, but we are to be talking about our Lord Jesus's walk on earth as written within John the beloved's Gospel.

Help me out here please.

There are no references that I can detect that are stated supporting the subjects from The Lord Jesus in the Gospel of John.

I really don't get it.

True I am new however I have read over 30 threads.

I'm lost and am seriously considering to leave the group.

Again,help me out here please.

Thanks for listening.