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Bread & Blood is THE COVENANT DONT MISS IT, bro

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since i a new comer, & English is my 2nd language, i tell all i can. & i love Jn v much, so i join this club
1/ He feed the 5000 here is a Fact. ( before i was doubt of it. Now i can tell i belive so little)
2/ the story here is a deeper meanintg which Jesus my love who later told them to Eat the Heavenly Bread & Blood. which is the Center of the Bible whic i search for 3 yr.
3/ this is not a theologial argument which i want to raise, but actully is a very very serious problem which must bring our. : if he dont eat this Bread & Blood. he has no life in him... & whosover eat this Bread & Blood must live forever. This He want to bring a Real thing to be eaten buy those who believe His Words, which were indicated esp to His BODY & BLOOD.
4/ pt 3 is telling a secrect which many theologant who were for 2000 yr misinterpretured.
they were saying " which is the words that we Eat ( read & meditate ) daily. But for 30 yr i would say " wrong" The ans : That is His BLOOD & FLESH indeed. Never a symbol things.
5/ while in the last supper : He said " this is my FLESH which for you & my BLOOD sherd for you for the remission of sin. That is His BLOOD & FLESH indeed. Never a symbol things also.
6/ if the OT if sheep's body & blood. the NT IS a vine & bread, what is your salvation, Bro?
7/ the Covenant of OT is only a shadow which pt to NT which is the His BLOOD & FLESH . but since for2000 yr we were not able to understand what he said, so the theologants who said : an symbol things only. WRONG Absolute.
8/ while He said : this is my BLOOD & FLESH, thought the 12 were not able to underastand as in ch 6 jn, yet they followed & said " your have the word of gGod, whom shall we follow?" same that night while He said this, they, althought no able to understand what He means, BELIEVE & EAT AS HIS WORD. this is the Core of faith.
9/ while if Peter & the others 10 (Juda was not in this agenda) ate this bread & Belived "His
BLOOD & FLESH . " they were really joined into the Killing by the God acc to Lev " those who eat the Blood were Determinated." so they were really join into their dead agreement. But they were so excited & had no response to the other's idea, " Even all who were away, i must follow, even my life were excutiive." they were not eager of their life any more at the supper.
10/ God 's OT is now apply to them, those who BELIEVE & EAT the His BLOOD & FLESH were now joining into the NT Covenent which bring them into the DEAD, which was the Body of Christ, while who was beaten & bleeding the OT Covenent was valid !
11 they were not dead in themselve, Becasue this NT Covenenet was Written in the Body of Christ, & in HIs Blood. so they were Joining (UNITED into JESUS DEAD ON THE CROOS.) As Romans 5, 6, 7, Co 1 2 3, Eph 123, 1 Corn .....
12/ that means while Jesus the Chirst who breathed the last. the 11 disp were also Dead. according to OT' Lev
13/ while He was Raised up on the 3 day, because the 11 were dead into His Body, His Rasied Up is also a Covenent signed fr God the Father with the Son Jesus Christ, that they were also rasied up & has a new life.
14/ since he wre broght up fr Maria, His blood were a mysterious, yet while he was rasied up by God, God said : Today i begotten you. He was now has the BLOOD from the HEAVENLY FATHER.
15/ this BLOOD in Heb 12~ 13 the Coventent of New Blood. which is foreever lasting. & in Heb it is also told that from this Blood which we have the same NEW LIFE.
16/ & noow we turn to Jn 6, His BLOOD & FLESH is feeded into those who believe in the New Covenent who are now taken the second part of the Covenent : i will not drink this winve untie i drink with you in the Kingdom of the Father in the New day." which acc to Heb ch 12~ 13 which is the His BLOOD & Spritit in the Heaven place. that means Jesus the Christ who not only Breathed a New Breath into the dis' But acc the Ps 133 who were resuureceted & stood in front of the all Mighty God, who poured the Spritt into His Head to cloth, to even the people in the Mk house, even to me to you 2000 yr later. the Spritit also pour this His NEW BLOOD & FLESH . that later Paul in Gal 2 20 the body i live is i believe in the Christ who gave him self to me.
17/ the OT Covenent box has 3 things: the 10 commments; the Aaron stick; the Golden Cam of Mammer. while Jesus was dead on the Cross, 10 comm were not validlity anymore.
A/ the Aaron stick were an phophetice word of God which indicated the New Great Priest who will rasid up even dead. B/ the Mammer which was told by Jesus in ch 6 Jn. indicated that a New & Heavenly Body were poured into the NT Believers, thru the Spirit.
18 Do you beli eve, notice the Rm 13 or 14 sacrifice your Body to God. in ch 7 Paul said i hve a sinful Body, how can God accept a sinful body as a sacrifice?

i am so soory not able to reply in email, can anyone tell me how to do with it?

God bless
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