Gospel of John Study Index

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wow... this looks pretty

wow... this looks pretty cool. Really looking forward to meeting folks that are also interested in christian origins and early christianity via this mechanism. Just getting a handle on how to use the over all ccel mechanism, but it seems pretty cool.

Began re-reading GJohn the other night to get into the mood for this group. I have spent more time on the synoptics than GJohn, so i have not spent as much time with it as the others. It's is really interesting as I was reading it last night to see jesus really as a super heroic character, compared to what I am used to in the synoptics. I also notice much more how the writer is addressing a number of issues in the church at the time.

I'm trying to get a handle, like with all christian documents on the texts date. Currently I am thinking perhaps around 160-200ce, perhaps sometime in the time frame of someone like Irenaeus.

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