Orthodox similarities and differences

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I would be interested in a discussion/teaching on the similarities and the differences of the orthodox churches (I am asking about the Orthodox churches only. Greek Orthdox, Russian Orthodox, Roman Catholic, etc.). I believe that we have enough representitives if we could encourage them to join a peaceful discussion here. I know that I would be very interested in learning about the traditions and lituragies. Please identify which denomination/tradition you are representing in your post. To ensure peace I will delete any negative comments about other traditions/denominations.

For a start what books are in your biblical cannon and how are they arranged? Being of protestant training I am of course used to the protestant cannon, so please excuse my orientation, why do you have the additional books (if you do) that are not part of the protestant canon?

What is the meaning and form of your sacrament of the Euchrist?

What other sacrements do you celebrate, thier form and meaning?

Many of us have only a short time to read posts so please be short and to the point.

Eucharist by Maria Smith
info on Orthodoxy by camptaylor
Revelation by camptaylor

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