PLEASE READ!!! CCEL Kindle Format Books are available on PLEASE READ !!!

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CCEL Kindle Format Books are available on You don't need to own a Kindle device in order to use Kindle books. Free Amazon Kindle software is available for platforms that include Microsoft Windows and Android Phones / Tablets.

You do need an Amazon account. Many CCEL titles are available for purchase on for price as low as $0.99 each.

Kindle on an Android device is very portable and convenient. If you have a few minutes to spare, you can read for a few minutes. Your Android devices sync up. So when you finish reading a CCEL Kindle book at a point on your Android and then want to pull up the same book using Kindle for Windows app, you will start with the same page on the PC where you were last reading on the Android.

Kindle book purchases are tied to your account. You keep them for a lifetime. remembers them as being part of your account. You can always download your Kindle books again.

FYI, my purchases of CCEL titles for Amazon Kindle include:

* Alexander Whyte - Lord Teach Us to Pray
* E.M. Bounds - The Weapon of Prayer

If you haven't tried it already...Please try it...You'll like it.

"Convenient" by ElderDad
Kindle PDF by ElderDad

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