CCEL PDFs can become ePubs for eReaders

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CCEL PDF's can become ePubs to serve as eBooks on eReaders. CCEL already provides books in both Pdf and ePub formats but the PDF format is much more common.

To make your own eBook file in an ePub format, first, pay or donate to CCEL for the CCEL pdf files that you want.

Then, using Calibre (free, donation-requested) software from, you can convert files from the .pdf format to the .epub (eBook) format.

After the file convesion, I then loaded the books as .epub files on to my Android phone and am reading them using the free WordPlayer application on Android. Aldiko is an alternate ePub reader on Android that I have tried and it is also very useful.

Earlier in November, I purchased some CCEL books from Amazon in Kindle format and I continue to enjoy those.

However, the eBook format for the Kindle is proprietary to the Kindle. The ePub format is being used on most or all of the eBook platforms including Sony but is not supported on the Kindle. You can read ePubs on personal computers as well as on mobile platforms with ePub reader applications installed. Some reader applications exist on both the personal computer platform and the mobile platform with the ability to sync between them.

Using eBook readers and having eBooks on my Android phone is very convenient. Even if I turn the phone off and on again, the eBook readers remember the last place where I was reading.

I'm using three different eBook readers on my Android phone (Kindle for Android, Aldiko, and WordPlayer). I have an open book active on all three readers. There is one currently active book on each reader. If I change the active book and load a different book, each reader remembers the last place where I read when the book had been active previously. If I make a previous book to be my active book again, the reader application still remembers the last place where I read.