Christmas, Traditions, Origins, and Us

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1. How do you celebrate Christmas and why?
2. What are the Christian origins of Christmas celebrations or what did the early church do to celebrate Christmas (references?)
3. Do we have any great resources on CCEL about Christmas?

As a soon-to-be father I'm trying to decide how my family will celebrate Christmas - I'm pretty sick of the typical American traditions and want to connect with the roots of it - besides the Biblical accounts, what do we have to support the celebration of Jesus birth?

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The Bible tells me that all

The Bible tells me that all things are new in Christ. If I wake and look in the mirror and yet see a reflection of the Old Man, yet know full well that Christ now is in me, and that I am "re-born" - considering this fact that God can take the old and make it new in Him, why do some suppose He cannot take a day, an inanimate thing, a calculation, a span that will burn like a blade of grass, and not make it His own? So what if the devil himself was worshipped on a specific day of the year, as I'm sure he was, can God not make this day his own? All things are new in Christ. Who lowered the bar for what God can claim and not claim? Who imposed this restriction.

Let kids be kids. Let them enjoy the wonders of Christmas.

It also confounds me that we complain God is being removed from everything, yet some now would have, even in their own homes, this one day a year, this great opportunity to spread His message wrapped with a bow, this we begrudge the children.

I sometimes just don't get us.

Incidentally, I note that October, July and August are named after false Gods of the ancient world, Julius and Augustus (Octavian) Caesar. Should we not sign the rent check these months?