Christmas, Traditions, Origins, and Us

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1. How do you celebrate Christmas and why?
2. What are the Christian origins of Christmas celebrations or what did the early church do to celebrate Christmas (references?)
3. Do we have any great resources on CCEL about Christmas?

As a soon-to-be father I'm trying to decide how my family will celebrate Christmas - I'm pretty sick of the typical American traditions and want to connect with the roots of it - besides the Biblical accounts, what do we have to support the celebration of Jesus birth?

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I've found info on a website - - It's well worth a browse. The Christian celebration of Jesus' birth dates from around the 2nd century AD. But many of the customs associated with Christmas go way back beyond that - thousands of years before Jesus was born. I think it's fairly safe to say that very little in a modern Western Christmas is about Jesus - certainly it's that way in the UK where I am. We are getting to the point where it is considered politically incorrect to mention Him...

I find the whole business of "Christmas" very tricky. So I ask myself, what would honour God in the birth of His Son, and what wouldn't? Materialist waste and overindulgence certainly wouldn't... Genuine family/friends times of celebration, yes.

I wish you well as you plan the time for your family.