Christmas, Traditions, Origins, and Us

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1. How do you celebrate Christmas and why?
2. What are the Christian origins of Christmas celebrations or what did the early church do to celebrate Christmas (references?)
3. Do we have any great resources on CCEL about Christmas?

As a soon-to-be father I'm trying to decide how my family will celebrate Christmas - I'm pretty sick of the typical American traditions and want to connect with the roots of it - besides the Biblical accounts, what do we have to support the celebration of Jesus birth?

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Celebrate Christ.

My wife and I celebrate Christ.
We know that 99% of the stuff that happens at this time of season is not about Christ.
But ... it is a time when people "think" they are celebrating Christ.

Last year, we took the "12 days of Christmas", and for twelve days had people over and talked about each respective day and magnified the Name of Jesus.

This year, we are planning to get palm trees in our living room and the theme is to be "Glory".... what is it ... do we have it ... do you want it ...

Don't wait for an institutional move to tell you how to take advantage of any day... just do it!

I have 4 children that have given me 4 grandchildren! They all need to hear and be blessed with the thrill of knowing more about God's Word in every opportunity... whether it is my birthday, my wife's or the birth of Jesus Christ.

God bless you prayers on how to "do Christmas".

"Divine Grace is not opposed to effort ...
it is opposed to earning "
— Dallas Willard