Books: Jesus Calling; Enjoying Peace In His Presence by Sarah Young

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I would like to know if anyone is familiar with this book. If so, what are your thoughts about it?

Even though it is a delightful little devotional book and causes one to feel close to Jesus, it is written as if Jesus is speaking to the reader. And, even though Bible scripture is quoted on every page, this book was written by someone putting words into the mouth of Jesus in the devotional sections (as if He were actually speaking to the reader).

Is this acceptable to Jesus? Is it appropriate? I remember studying the book of Numbers; I remember Moses (and Aaron) being angry and lashing out at God's people calling them rebels and striking the rock to produce water as if it were their doing and not from God. They did not glorify Him in what they did. As a consequence, God took Moses aside and told him he would not be allowed to enter Canaan, the land God promised.

Am I just nit picking? Is this a really dumb question? The overall sense of the book is that it does glorify Jesus. I just can't quite get my mind around this. I have asked for help of the Holy Spirit but I'm not clear about it.

Can anyone share their thoughts about this book?

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