Who died on the Cross?

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Hi all,

At our mid week bible study the Pastor said that God (as in the second person of the Trinity) died on the Cross. Instinctively I believed that to be wrong, and so I checked it out, first from the Word and then from trusted sources, I ended up with R.C.Sproul saying that it was impossible for God (the second person of the Trinity) to die, and John Macarthur said that God did die on the cross.I'm hoping that someone could shed some light on the subject.

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Perfect man

Who died on the cross?

I think, may be in error, perfect substitute sacrifice for every Hebrew (jew and gentile) who believed on Him and whom God the Father elected for salvation and gave Lord Jesus Christ first to be adopted in his covenant family. That is, perfect man - a perfect vessel of clay made perfect by the Holy Spirit inside.

God the Son,the Faithful Word, is immortal, and thus the only Savior who was, is and will be available to men seeking everlasting life in Heaven.