Who died on the Cross?

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Hi all,

At our mid week bible study the Pastor said that God (as in the second person of the Trinity) died on the Cross. Instinctively I believed that to be wrong, and so I checked it out, first from the Word and then from trusted sources, I ended up with R.C.Sproul saying that it was impossible for God (the second person of the Trinity) to die, and John Macarthur said that God did die on the cross.I'm hoping that someone could shed some light on the subject.

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Who Died

The flesh body of Jesus was the Earth Clothes of God, aka; sacrificial lamb, simply the vehicle He rode in on earth. Collosians says that all of the fullness of the Godhead lived bodily in Christ Jesus. That body died and was resurrected. God is a Spirit (John 4) and therefore not subject to death. Spirit is eternal and cannot die because it was not cursed by the original sin (a work of the flesh). God is omnipotent and therefore was still on the throne when Jesus (The Flesh Clothes of God) was allowed to die [by God] as a representative of sinful flesh. This is what proves that Jesus was entirely God because if He were completely dead, body, soul and spirit, He could do nothing.