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Moderator and Group Leader Dialogue and Discussions

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This forum is for the Group Leaders and Moderator to communicate. It is closed to everyone else. The purpose is to be able to communicate and share ideas that will enhance the experience of everyone at ccel.

Thanks for all your hard work at ccel.

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I Find It Hard to Delineate Some Times

Brother Dan,

All of the advertising I find is deleted and I also delete the used as well if the post uses the usual bot technical or style of posting with the same first and last name and a user name that fits in with what I have seen. The spam bots like to keep going back to the same pages they have used before. I also check the tracking on the user-name for other places that the post on as well.

Otherwise, I send a notice to those who use embedded links to advertisements and selling things.

I do find it hard on some topics when they may be trying to really just help people find a useful tool.