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Moderator and Group Leader Dialogue and Discussions

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This forum is for the Group Leaders and Moderator to communicate. It is closed to everyone else. The purpose is to be able to communicate and share ideas that will enhance the experience of everyone at ccel.

Thanks for all your hard work at ccel.

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Fake names don't need to be warned

I think Justin's point was that warning an e-mail address because of a message which is probably automatically generated by a spam robot (software which generates fake names and e-mail addresses) does nothing but alert the spammer to the fact you caught onto them, and they can change the way the addresses are being spoofed or simply focus their attacks through other zombie PCs - that is if they even have to bother and the spam bot is not capable of doing this on a random basis each time it sends out its spam.

If they are then taking the time to warn them is just time you could spend on more fruitful efforts.